Thursday, December 9, 2010


Sometimes I think my whole life is a countdown. I countdown the days of the week until Friday afternoon at 12 pm when I get off work. My weekend has begun! During the day I countdown the hours until lunch and when I get back from lunch I countdown the hours until I get to go home. Exciting things are waiting to happen in the countdown. We countdown the days til vacation, til babies are born, til we get to see our far-away family. There is so much to look forward to in life.

I wonder if Mary counted down the days til Jesus was born. Was she tired of being pregnant or was she storing up those moments in her heart? Did her feet hurt, her back hurt from carrying this child who would save the world one day? I wonder what her days were like on this earth.

This year I made my own Advent calendar because I am married now and have to start my own traditions. I'll miss my mom's cute little calendar with the mouse that's older than me, jumping from day to day until Christmas. But, I'm excited about what is to come. What will happen as we remember the birth of Jesus and remember what His life means in our every day, counting down til the day He returns to redeem us? What will happen in this new year? Sometimes I forget to rejoice in the journey, in the countdown, but there is so much to be thankful for right now.

So as I wait for this CHRISTmas to arrive, as I countdown for my family to arrive and for the yummy food and fun things we'll do, I'll remember that he came to give life NOW. It's all going to be worth it!

My Advent calendar:

Have a HOLY Jolly Christmas!


  1. That's a very unique thing you did with the colorful! :)

  2. neat photos. Yea for making your own traditions. I came over from the Nesters. Kelly