Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Honey Mustard

My day was great. I was happy, energetic, excited about life and then I got home. Then my sweet, enduring husband went to get me some food for me and this tiny baby inside me and while he was gone, I anxiously awaited my Chik-fil-A sandwich and fries with HONEY MUSTARD. I was very hungry and excited about tasting this food. He got home and brought food to me and I was like, "where's my honey mustard, Honey?" (Surely it was just in the bag and he forgot to give it to me.) "They didn't have any," says my enduring man. "What do you mean they didn't have any?!!" "They were out of honey mustard."

All kinds of emotions are flowing through me at this point...anger, sadness, rage, hunger, name a few. I really just couldn't believe it. To top it all off, we had no condiments in the house. NONE. I had JUST thrown away a pack of honey mustard a few days before while cleaning furiously in my kitchen. I said to myself, "yeah, just throw it away, you can always get more when you go back to eat there." My friends, just don't throw anything away! Especially not the honey mustard.

I ate my meal and it filled me up just fine. It wasn't the same at all but I'm pretty sure God is preparing me for this thing called MOTHERHOOD. I don't think I'll be getting much of what I want for a while, but I'll have a beautiful boy or girl to love and what more could you want. I'm thankful that I'm healthy and so is this baby. I have everything I need and more than I deserve so take that honey mustard.

This isn't my typical post but I needed to let that out into the world. One day I'll feel normal again :) Until then, stay tuned for more hormonal outbreaks about food from yours truly.

Goodnight and take Love with you everywhere you go.

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